Guns Construction Kit by BOOM Library

You don’t have time to design your own unique weapon sounds? No worries – over 1000 ready to use royalty free gun sounds can be found in our Guns construction kit. Originally $179 but now available at just $119 using your rewards money.

retail price 179
current price $119.00

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Overview: Products Included

The SFX of GUNS are just as versatile as they are powerful, meaty and satisfying. Game- and movie-ready designed shots as well as premium quality multi-channel recordings make this library a creative blast to use.

$179 Value


key Features

  • 1,100+ files, 6,200+ sounds
  • 11 GB hard disk space required
  • 96kHz, 24bit, WAV
  • 12-channel multitrack recording
  • 17 guns (6 pistols, 7 rifles, 4 shotguns)
  • Effective workflow: well-grounded Soundminer Metadata
  • 4 styles per weapon, 4 shots per style


retail price 179
current price $119.00