• BASSalicious 2 by Gospel Musicians

    4.1/5.0 (Total reviews: 18)

    BASSalicious 2 Plugin for Mac, Windows, and iPad is a dedicated synth bass plugin with a single focus on sound. All of the synthesis and filters are custom tweaked with our own personality and our urban ear. BASSalicious does not require a Free player or a license manager of any kind. It is a standalone plugin that only requires a serial number. You can authorize up to two machines and works as a standalone application, VST, VST3, AU-32-bit, AU 64-Bit, for iPad 4 and greater. Please note that this library is not supported in Reason for Windows VST.

    current price 129.99 base price 99.99
  • FM TiNES 2 by Gospel Musicians

    4.6/5.0 (Total reviews: 5)

    FM TiNES 2 is a sample and synth library containing over 20GB of the prettiest and most inspirational electric pianos ever heard. Our goal was to cover the complete genre of electric piano patches and not just FM. From D50 type bells, beautiful pads, lush strings, and multi-layered FM EPs taken directly from the hardware, FM TiNES 2 will be the number one electric piano library to go to for that 80s/90s sound.

    current price 149.99 base price 129.99
  • Neo Soul Keys® Studio 2 by GM

    4.7/5.0 (Total reviews: 3)

    Neo-Soul Keys® Studio are some of the most realistic, organic, and warm sounding electric pianos ever created. We pride ourselves on the intangibles. By intangibles, we mean: grit, dirt, release, bark, mechanics, bumps, clanks, and all of the electromechanical goodness that makes up an electric piano. Without such great detail, your electric piano can be very sterile, lifeless, and without character.

    current price 249.99 base price 199.99
  • Pure Synth® Platinum 2 by Gospel Musicians

    4.5/5.0 (Total reviews: 15)

    Pure Synth Platinum (PSP) is a software based ROMpler and synthesis library that has the bread-and-butter samples of a traditional hardware keyboard, combined with the synthesis techniques available in the most complex of digital and analog synthesizers.

    current price 199.99 base price 149.99