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    Exclusive Bundle by SOUNDYETI

    4.2/5.0 (Total reviews: 6)

    Collision FX for Kontakt Player delivers an exceptional palette of sounds to design, compose, score, sweeten and create astonishingly impressive cinematic elements. The Epic Movie Trailer pack is filled with deep subsonic impacts, breath halting bassy hits and depth setting designed sounds making for a must have cinematic and hybrid SFX sound library. Great value at this price point.

    retail price 189
    current price 149 base price 89.99
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    Method 1 by SOUNDYETI

    4.5/5.0 (Total reviews: 11)

    For as low as $99 (normally $169), get Method 1 – a powerful virtual drum machine by SoundYeti!

    Method 1 delivers today’s most powerful tools for making chart topping hip hop, trap, rap, OG, EDM or any modern drum grooves. Made for the modern producer looking to find an edge.

    Powered by the free Kontakt Player, Method 1 comes fully loaded with more than 10,000 samples, 225 preset kits and 500 preset patterns.

    Method 1 accelerates and inspires your drum grooves with literally millions of sounds, effects and control combinations. That’s some serious re-percussions for the modern producer looking to find an edge.

    Method 1 is now available for as low as $99 for the next few days, hurry and save!

    retail price 169.00
    current price 129.00 base price 99.00