Origins Vol. 5: Ukulele and Muted Piano by SONUSCORE


Discover the 5th member of the Sonuscore Origin Series, VOL. 5: UKULELE & MUTED PIANO!

Featuring a unique combination between two carefully sampled, distinct instruments, the Multi-Arpeggio-Designer (MAD) gives a wonderful performance when playing chords, melodies or progressions on your keyboard.

The two instruments complement each other optimally and this is what we have come to expect from SONUSCORE

Play bold, grounded and wide-open sequences with the Muted Piano, add the light touch of the Ukulele, let both instruments playfully mingle, use a wide variety of effects from percussive timbres to ambient pads and more!

This package features

  • Two individually playable virtual instruments
  • full control over both instruments
  • 100 + ¬†and more presets


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